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Splyce upset Fnatic behind spectacular jungle performance

Splyce upset Fnatic behind spectacular jungle performance

Xerxe’s Camille finishes 8/1/12 after a strong early-game from mid-jungle combo

Fnatic’s strong showing so far in the split, and their performance at Rift Rivals had them coming in as favourites in the match. A huge 3 man knock up from KaSing’s Rakan secured a shock victory over Fnatic, but Xerxe shined in Splyce’s dominant early game. Taking Camille into the jungle Xerxe’s smart and consistent presence across the map, sometimes in tandem with Nisqy, allowed Splyce to take an early advantage and continually punish Fnatic’s attempts to recover. 

Splyce did finish their Rift Rivals play with a victory against NA’s Team Liquid through effective counterpicking and a proactive early game. They did much the same in this match, despite flying home a day later than their opponents and losing out on practice. 

Out of the draft, Fnatic’s composition was focused on huge wombo-combo teamfighting. Their gameplan was for Jarvan to trap the enemy team in his Cataclysm and chain that with a Galio ultimate from Caps to lock them in place, while Heimerdinger’s turrets rain down damage. If they could catch Splyce grouped up, their AoE damage and crowd-control would have them happily walking out of teamfights. 

Splyce responded by giving Xerxe the keys to the car in Camille, along with some heavy poke champions in Zoe and Ezreal, and complementing that with the teamfighting power of Rumble and Rakan. 

The early game was dictated by bloody skirmishes and ganks across the map, with a particular focus from Splyce on setting Bwipo behind as much as possible. First blood was easy pickings as Bwipo’s solo lane Jarvan sat just outside the range of his own tower, and ate up Odoamne’s Rumble Flamespitter with almost perfect timing for Xerxe to drop by and finish the kill. This gave the Splyce jungler the early gold he needed to start snowballing in the early game. 

From here Splyce effectively ignored the bottom lane the entire game and let Xerxe and Nisqy dictate the pace of the game, and where the action happened. The exploiting of Bwipo’s solo lane, and Fnatic’s aggressive attempts to recoup their losses allowed the Splyce to increase their early game advantages. 

With Jarvan so far behind, Fnatic’s draft was rendered ineffective, unable to dive and lay down enough AoE damage to kill off vital members of the enemy team. When they did try, it left them struggling, split up, and their carries were exposed. 

Throughout the match, Xerxe was at the right place at the right time, and his presence before team fights allowed the poke from Ezreal and Zoe to wreak havoc on the enemy champions. This left Fnatic with the choice to either engage and lose the fight, or retreat and concede another objective. 

In several desperate attempts, Fnatic tried to dogpile on Splyce’s poke champions, but ended up separated over and over again. The detached fights allowed Xerxe to clean house and make the most of Camille’s mobility. 

The win takes Splyce to 3-4, and looking to find a way out of the mid-table logjam, while Fnatic drop to 4-3 and risk falling further behind standouts Misfits and G2. 

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