Financial Services

Here you can find a collection of works I have produced in my positions within the financial services industry.


TWice Campaign

TWiCE is a community based campaign in the Croydon borough that focuses on improving the financial literacy of everyday people. By running community workshops and providing access to free online educational videos, the TWiCE Campaign aims to help everyone better understand personal finance so that they can achieve their financial goals. 

I am part of a small team that has built the website through to launch. My initial responsibilities were to produce the blog content for the page, but quickly expanded into formatting and redesigning the look of the site, writing copy for the majority of pages, and producing and creating/distributing press releases for the company.

The biggest highlight of my time with the TWiCE team thus far is having a piece published in The Croydon Citizen in September 2018, promoting the launch of our campaign in Croydon.


Savvney CIC

Savvney is a Community-Interest-Company that delivers unbiased, workplace based financial education programs to a range of different groups and organisations. Savvney partners with businesses, local governments, charities and the like to provide catered, informative financial education both during a 1 day workshop, and afterwards through an interactive educational platform. 

My role has primarily been with the redesigning the layout of the website as the business reaches its active stage, producing the copy for a number of the pages, and integrating it with external sites and software, including payment interfaces.